Benefits of company pensions

It's not just your contributions

When you join the DB Flexible Retirement Plan, Deutsche Bank will contribute - putting money straight into your pension each month (subject to your age). And that’s on top of your salary.

You can contribute too and you'll also get tax benefits from HMRC.

Benefits of company pensions

You get this money invested from the moment you join, so every month you delay, you lose out on those contributions and tax benefits.

This illustration shows you how things can add up. It assumes that both you and your employer are paying in. Your payment will also include basic rate tax relief where applicable.

This information is based on our understanding of taxation legislation and regulations in April 2022. The legislation and regulations can change. Your own circumstances also have an impact on tax treatment.

Why start now?

It's your pension

It's your pension, no matter what. It remains yours, even if:

  • You move job
  • The company you work for changes hands

You may be able to carry on paying into it, change your investments - or even transfer it into another pension - if you move on.

Although Deutsche Bank contributes towards your pension, they don't look after it - they forward your contributions on to Standard Life Assurance Limited who administer your pension on your behalf. This means if anything happens to your employer, for example they change hands or go out of business, you won't lose your pension.

You're in control

When you join, the Company will pay in contributions. You can choose to pay more if you want to. It's worth thinking about this, as paying the minimum might not be enough to get you the lifestyle you'd like after you stop working.

Find out if you're saving enough

When you join the company pension, your money automatically goes into an investment option your employer has chosen, unless you've chosen something different.

You can choose to leave your money there - or you can decide to move it into a different option you think will suit you better.

Whichever choice you make doesn't have to be final - you can change your mind about where your money is invested.

Find out which investment option is right for you