Combine your pensions

You may have contributions invested with other pension providers, or in the DB Personal Pension Plan or DB Stakeholder Plan with Standard Life. Transferring them to your DB Flexible Retirement Plan could help you keep an eye on your pensions and stay on target for a comfortable retirement.


This form cannot be used to combine existing Standard Life plans.
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The benefits of combining your pensions

If you transfer any other pensions you have into your DB Flexible Retirement Plan, you could get:

More control

Having just one set of figures to think about can make it easier to see if your savings are growing as you want them to. And, it might help you get a more accurate picture of what your retirement income will be.

Greater choice

You might be able to choose from a wide range of investments; and you might have more options for taking your money at retirement too.

Fewer charges

Having just one set of fees and charges could save you money.

Things to consider

We can’t accept transfers from final salary pensions or from any pension that offers an income guarantee (such as a guaranteed minimum pension, or guaranteed annuity rate) unless a financial adviser has recommended you do it.

It’s always best to get financial advice before making any decisions. This is to ensure you understand how much money you could lose by transferring.

Next steps

Talk to Standard Life

Standard Life can provide you with information, quotes, and application forms to be completed, but at no stage during this process are we able to offer you financial advice, opinions or guidelines.

If you decide that you want to transfer your benefits without financial advice, this is the process you should follow:

  • Request a personal illustration from Standard Life - by sending us an email. On the e-mail you must confirm your full name and policy number(s). Please also confirm if you'd like the illustration to be based on the same investment choice as the regular contributions made to your DB Flexible Retirement Plan. There is no guarantee that any e-mail you send will be received or will not have been tampered with.
  • You will receive your personal illustration within 3 working days. This will be sent by post to the address we hold on our records. You must then print off the application form using the links below, complete and sign it, then return to Standard Life.

Important Information:

  1. Make sure you have received an illustration and read the Key features document
  2. Before completing the appropriate application form from the link below - please make sure you have read the Key features document
  3. Your application will not be processed unless you have received a personal illustration
  4. We are sorry we are unable to offer any financial advice. If you are in any doubt about which investment fund(s) you should choose, we strongly recommend you speak to a financial adviser.

Application form - direct (transferring from the DB Stakeholder Pension Plan)

Application form - direct (transferring from the DB Personal Pension Plan)

Key features document

How to choose the right investment options for your pension guide

Talk to a financial adviser

It’s always best to seek financial advice before you make any decisions about combining your pensions.

If, after taking advice, you decide that it is right for you to transfer, you should complete an application form with your financial adviser, sign and return it to Standard Life. We will need the application form to be stamped by your adviser, or to be accompanied by a letter from your adviser stating that they have provided financial advice.

Application form - advised (transferring from the DB Stakeholder Pension Plan)

Application form - advised (transferring from the DB Personal Pension Plan)

Your adviser can also get a copy of the relevant application form by contacting Standard Life.



What about transferring other pensions to Standard Life?

If you want more information about transferring non-Deutsche Bank pensions into your Standard Life pension call 0345 272 8813 (+44 131 245 5074). You can also download our Pension Transfer Checklist.


Lost the details for old pensions?

Firstly, you should contact your pension provider if you can remember who it was. Or, try the Pension Tracing Service (opens new window), who can help you find contact details for old pensions.